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Embark on a transformative journey with 'Elevate Your Impact: 4 Weeks to Level Up & Expand Your Reach.' If you're ready to create a second income while making a meaningful impact on your target audience, this is your opportunity. In just four weeks, our comprehensive digital course, 'Cultivate, Curate, Create Your Signature Course,' will guide you through the essential steps.

For only $7 you can get your hands on the system that allows me to earn $2000 per month by working 1 hour a week!

Lets talk about the content:

  • Intro/Onboarding
  • Week 1: Declare Your Commitment: Lay the foundation for success by making a formal declaration of your commitment to the process. Cultivate the mindset necessary for transformative growth and lasting impact.
  • Week 2: Dedicate Your Time: Invest a minimum of 2 hours each week to immerse yourself in the carefully curated curriculum. Dedicate time to absorb key concepts, strategies, and actionable steps that will fuel your course creation journey.
  • Week 3: Follow Proven Systems: Unlock the power of proven systems and processes. Learn from the successes of those who have paved the way before you. Implement strategic approaches that minimize trial and error, ensuring an efficient and effective course launch.
  • Week 4: Launch with Impact: Bring it all together for a powerful launch. Execute your refined strategies, capitalize on the principles you've learned, and witness the impact of your elevated course on your target audience. Expand your reach and level up in just four weeks!

  • Intro: The method to getting
    paid $2,000 per month for 1h
    of work per week
  • Part 1: How to make a sale
  • Part 2: How to guide your
    customers to success (and
    start earning more)
  • An email sequence template you can use to build a relationship with your target audience.
  • A engaging social media templates to brand your business and engaged with potential clients and/or students.
  • A vision brand statement framework to provide a ton of value upfront and reach your target audience.
  • And more...

Plus, you'll receive a set of actionable resources & media kit template that you can use

to kickstart your digital online platform.

And more...

Actionable Commitment to Your Success:

#1 A declaration of commitment to the process.

#2 Dedicate a minimum of 2 hours each week to complete the curriculum.

#3 Follow proven systems and processes for an effective course launch.


Why it's critical #1 declaration of commitment: Establishing a formal commitment sets the tone for success. By declaring your dedication to the process, you mentally prepare yourself for the transformative journey ahead. It's a powerful first step in building the mindset needed for lasting impact and growth.

Why it's critical #2 dedication of time: Success requires effort, and dedicating a minimum of 2 hours each week ensures that you invest the necessary time to absorb the curriculum, implement strategies, and refine your approach. Consistent effort over the four weeks is key to building a strong foundation for your course launch.

Why it's critical #3 follow proven systems: Success leaves clues, and by following proven systems and processes. you leverage the collective wisdom from the expertise of coach kimberly and ignite your own secret sauce. This strategic approach minimizes trial and error, accelerates your progress, and positions you for a more effective and impactful course launch.

Elevate Your Influence & Your Income...

Join us in this dynamic program and elevate your influence and income simultaneously.

Let's make your mark together!"

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